Jimmy Rubin

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Jimmy Rubin

Post by Phase on Sat Oct 22, 2016 4:10 pm

Name: Jimmy Rubin 

Alias: Phase

Age: 16

Gender: Male
Home: W.A Australia

Can change state between solid, gas, liquad, and plasma.
Can shot parts of his body in differnt states, plasma drains him the most

Equipment: Watch phone

History: Jimmy had a fairly normal lifestyle, well as normal as living gas can be, no one really found out out about it, and those that did didn't really care, so it never really affected him. From an early age he was somewhat a trickster, playing pranks on his freinds and family, and when he found out about his power, he used it to his advantage, it was during one of these 'pranks' that his life started changing, when sneaking in his gas form, he passed by a bathroom in his school and heard a couple of kids, after going to investagate he found a kid being ganged up on by bullies, he dosen't really remember what happened next but soon the bullies were on the floor and the kid thought of him as their hero.

Now his familly is on vaccation in America and with all the hero's here he dicied to start the hero thing as common place, he just neefs to find one.


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