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Damian Washington

Post by Damian on Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:53 pm

Name: Damian Washington
Alias: The Boulder
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Home: Queens, New York

Able to turn his entire body into solid rock. The rock itself is of an unknown type and extremely resilient and strangely flexible in areas where his joints are to allow for movement. As The Boulder, he gains additional strength and endurance. His regenerative healing factor is only in effect when he has enough nutrients in his body, as a result Damian has a constant need to consume food and drink to keep his healing factor at optimum level.

On top of this, Damian is naturally well built and athletic. He has an average musculature and isn't too skinny, standing at 6'1. He is well versed in kickboxing and judo, however he hasn't necessarily mastered these arts.

Smart Phone.

With his father having mysteriously died when he was just 13, Damian and his newborn sister became reliant on their mother for food and shelter. While their mother struggled, within a few years she fell ill and is now confined to her bed almost entirely. Both his 7 year old sister and his mother now rely on him as a result. Because of this, Damian started to work part time in many retailers in order to desperately support what was left of his family.
At the same time, he attends Midtown High School and hopes to become a mechanical engineer in order to propel his family into a better quality of life, and hopefully restore his mother to good health.

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