[OOC] Backstory:Phase/Jimmy Rubin

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[OOC] Backstory:Phase/Jimmy Rubin

Post by Phase on Tue Nov 01, 2016 1:09 pm

This is the OOC theard for Backstory:Phase/Jimmy Rubin. Although the IC theard is private, this theard is public as long as It's related to the RP, this theard is to dicuss upcoming plans for the RP, updates about it, Requesting a story with me in realation to the RP (which I may do a counter offer of It's own RP if I like the idea but it doesn't fit in) and NPC apps for the RP (If you want to use your own one that isn't your main charater). On that note, please be aware it is fairly unlikly for me to accept you with the main charater you are using as IC it is unlikly for me to have met them.


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